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Well hello, I'm

Hannah Elizabeth


I've been serving Allen, Texas for over a decade now. But if you want to know how I got here, first you have to go back to 9th grade me. Hearing the words, "Your hair kind of sucks, you should get bangs" t coming from my best friends mouth set the stage for the rest of my life. I admit I had some terrible hair. By this point in my life I had hair that turned orange from sun-in, green from the pool, and looked like I had wings of an airplane attached to my head because I could not style it anything like the stylist did. As a result of these recurrent bad hair styles I never felt good enough, I never felt like I belonged. I never felt included.  I decided to go to  Paul Mitchell Dallas. Graduating in 2008  and I began my career and was determined to help not only my hair problems but my mom with her curly hair and my sister with her thinning hair. I did!  But I wasn't willing to stop there. I realized that there was a lot of hair that I still didn't know how to fix. So I decided to take 3 apprenticeships so that I could learn EVERYTHING. Upon completing my apprenticeships I was fully ready to help tackle any womans hair with any problem, and every year I take more continuing education classes with top educators.  It is my joy and my honor to have created a place where you belong and you are  included. You get to  leave with confidence that you are loved, worthy and good enough.  And now, you have a beautiful new look that tells the world the same thing. 


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