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I Can't Wait
to Meet You

Are you ready for it?

Step One

Peruse my About Me page to get to know me, my skills, my business,

and how I can serve you.


Step Two

Submit your new guest appointment  profile so I can be fully prepared for your appointment


Step Three

Arrive feeling relaxed and leave feeling inspired and new. I can’t wait to meet you!

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If you have any questions about booking your first appointment with me, please see my FAQ.

The Pre-Visit

Once you book your appointment, keep a look out for a welcome email. It includes helpful parking info, and what to expect once you arrive. 

Before you arrive please scout pintrest for pictures. We ask that you bring the following to help us out. 

  • 3  Pictures of the tone of the hair color/highlights

  • 3  Pictures of where you want the highlights placed/to live

  • 3  Pictures of the haircut


If you don't see a time or day that works for you in the near future please utilize the wait-list feature. Cancellations do happen, and it's an amazing tool for getting in sooner.

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The Consultation

The consultation might just be the most important part of your whole experience. Without a proper consultation, your entire look may go awry, which is why we sit down with you and go over everything so that we can best equip you for the best success outside of the salon. During your consultation we'll go over what products you use at home and what struggles you have.  We'll evaluate your photos with the lifestyle you live and make recommendations if we feel the look you're asking for isn't the best for you. We'll make recommendations for what products will make a difference for your specific hair type at home. We'll execute your look with our extensive knowledge and vast techniques and wrap up the visit talking to you about the best ways to style your new look. 

After Goodbye

You're one of Hannah's Hippies now and will receive a followup email after your appointment. It includes links for common recommendations and a guide on how often to touch up your hair.   You can also look forward to an offer for a free birthday blowout 2 weeks before your bday. I love to celebrate you and make you feel special for your special day. I promise I don't spam with emails and send out only a few a year. But trust me, you won't want to miss the emails I send out. Welcome to the club, you belong here!

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