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Get everything you need for hair care.

Shower Head Filter


Hard water wreaks havoc on our hair and skin here in North Texas. This is my Number 1 defense against damage to our hair. If you're washing your hair in hard water you could suffer with dry straw-like hair, hair that has a brassy color, intense tangles and possible breakage. Get this shower head today and experience softer, more manageable healthy hair (and skin too!) I generally use a filter from amazon thats about $30 but you can get a joile that is up to $200.

Malibu C Treatments


Malibu treatments have been transformational for my business. Lets say that you went out of town and you can now feel the hard water residue on your hair; they have a treatment for that. Lets say you went to the pool and you've got chlorine built up on your hair; they've got a treatment for that. Lets say your blondes just seem to "fade" and look lackluster or brassy; They've got a treatment for that. My favorite treatment though, is the miracle repair treatment that literally repairs your hair to it's healthiest state. Hard water also removes important proteins and fibers from your hair, and the miracle repair treatment restores those proteins and fibers just as your hair is meant to be. Check out Malibu C today!

Microfiber Towel


I love my microfiber towel It's the size of a regular towel and I love using it on my body as well for softer skin.

When you use microfiber you protect your hair from damage that traditional towels cause. I love that the size is a regular bath towel so I don't have to figure out some new wrap technique. Microfiber promotes Anti Frizz and Fast Drying  benefits due to it's extra absorbency. Get your healthiest and softest hair today with the link below. 

Olivia Garden
Round Brush


I have to admit, a client turned me on to this brush. I immediately fell in love after just one use. I find that the large size really helps me with control. If you struggle with styling your hair, this is hands down a no brainier. Get this brush today. I can't even express how much I love it, especially if you have waves/curl your wanting to control. 

BaByliss Pro


I get asked all the time what blowdryers, curling irons, and flat irons are best. I have spent as much as $400 on a blowdryer and as low as $80, and honestly I could not tell much difference in the $400 and the $80 one. The most important things for me are that the dryer is not too heavy, and that it gets hot enough to really smooth out my style. The strength of the wind gust and loudness of the dryer does not determine a good dryer. That's why the blue nano Titanium Babyliss dryer is my favorite. It is light weight, not too loud and produces just the right amount of heat. My favorite flat iron is the 1.5 inch nano titanium and the 1" nano titanium curling iron is the best all around go to curling iron. There you go, now you're a pro!

Eucalypso Sheets


Ready for another story? One day I went to bed with slightly damp hair and my curls looked amazing in the morning, I chalked it up to my hair had changed after pregnancy. But then I stayed the night at a friends house one night as our kids also had a sleep over. I slept on her sheets and my hair looked awful, firzzy and dry in the morning just like my old hair. As soon as I slipped into the bed provided I recognized the difference in feel of the sheets, and as I awoke I experienced first hand how much of a difference bed sheets make on your hair. I am obsessed with these eucalyptus sheets and highly recommend them to all my clients who also have experienced the difference. It may be a little bit of a splurge,but when you wake up every day with amazing looking hair, you will realize that they are worth every single penny. And excellent for your skin as well.

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